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The Ultimate bundle is the complete set of technical trading indicators. Navigating the markets becomes almost effortless with a full range scope of analytical tools. This package contains robust and flexible devices that can be customized to any trader’s style. Successful trading is dependent on the trader’s ability to quickly and accurately dissect the price action. These tools help the trader definitively and decisively identify the next major opportunity by removing noise and providing confidence to engage the market. Take advantage of our special discount pricing and receive 20% off our best products.

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FS Cycle Trend

The Cycle Trend was developed as a way to evaluate trends with as little lag as possible compared to more conventional indicators such as the ADX or MACD. The idea behind this is that the price action and the shapes of the bars relative to each other is more accurate at defining the mood.

The Cycle Trend sequence logic will dynamically create a buying phase or a selling phase depending on the current price action. The task of identifying the trend of the market becomes simple and more clearly defined with the repeated study of these patterns.

The trader can now engage the market with more confidence and statistical support regardless of the situation. There are 6 known bar types, two possible pivots and dynamically changing support and resistance lines. More definitions may be added as the indicator evolves with time.

This indicator is a powerful item to be added to any trader's toolkit.


FS ROC Wave/Velocity

The Roc Wave is a simply designed momentum indicator essential for today's fast and furious market. This product comes with 10 types of averages to choose from and three possible inputs to the oscillator driven by a choice of three price options.

The Velocity is included with this package and provides an added layer of discovery into the price action. Measuring the acceleration or deceleration of price as well as the relative trajectory becomes intuitive and simplified with just a few adjustments to the properties.


FS Transient/Magic Cloud

The Transient / Magic Cloud package is the add on to the Roc Wave and provides a deeper excursion into the momentum trading world. Transients are the spikes of market activity and they are displayed as support and resistance levels on the chart. These dynamically changing levels provide critical areas of interest as the mood of the market changes.

The Magic Cloud will convert and project the Roc Wave "0" line and the Average Power Line as a price on the chart to further illuminate trading setups by expanding the scope of the indicator set. The combination of these tools produces a powerful view of the market action and techniques for trading with an advanced technical approach are covered in the included documentation. powerful view of the market action and techniques for trading with an advanced tactical approach are covered in the included documentation.


FS Price Hacker

The Price Hacker is a bundle of three trading ideas based solely on price action. The relationship of the price bars to one another is used in context with the previous group of bars to identify good trading opportunities and effective exits. The different moves that are possible can be utilized at the trader's discretion to create entries and exits by studying the dynamic signals as the market creates the unique scenario.


FS Gap

Gaps usually do not regularly occur but it is important nonetheless to be aware and knowledgeable of the trading tactics and techniques the professionals use to handle the scenario. A price gap automatically changes the game up and produces unexpected reactions. The veteran trader has studied these gaps for a very long time and has developed a plan of action for trading a gap setup. The plan will never be  executed exactly the same way but knowing what moves are possible will allow the veteran to connect the critical points.


FS Pivot

Thorough investigation has yielded value in a variety of applications to date with this indicator. The pivots are evaluated and recalculated each day the same as before however with the subtle difference of using the dynamic price action in play for the current week. It can be used as a powerful trend filter incorporating the expansion or contraction of volatility in a wider timeframe while simultaneously identifying accurate entries and exits. Option traders can also use this indicator to pinpoint relevant strikes to engage thereby increasing their accuracy and improving their edges in the derivatives market.


FS Taylor

The computers of today make it possible for the automated implementation of this method. The machine now handles all of the relevant recording of the market's price action. The internal calculator will generate the critical objectives, ranges, and projected levels that Taylor did by hand each day. FutureScript has done extensive research and has carefully constructed this product to mimic the "book" method of trading what Taylor called the "3-day cycle".



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