FS Taylor


The computers of today make it possible for the automated implementation of this method. The machine now handles all of the relevant recording of the market’s price action. The internal calculator will generate the critical objectives, ranges, and projected levels that Taylor did by hand each day. FutureScript has done extensive research and has carefully constructed this product to mimic the “book” method of trading what Taylor called the “3-day cycle”.



George Douglass Taylor was a veteran trader from the WWII era. Throughout his career he had studied the markets thoroughly and thus had developed a sophisticated strategy for trading them. His method has been handed down over the generations as the “Taylor Trading Technique” and is widely recognized as one of the most solid fundamental old school trading approaches. One of his main points was clearly outlined in his book as a good trader must understand the fundamentals of manipulation since manipulation always enters into the market.

FS Taylor Indicator Manual (.pdf)

(YouTube) FutureScript: FS Taylor– Tutorial and Overview


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