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FS ROC Wave/Velocity


The Roc Wave is a simply designed momentum indicator essential for today’s fast and furious market. This product comes with 10 types of averages to choose from and three possible inputs to the oscillator driven by a choice of three price options.

The Velocity is included with this package and provides an added layer of discovery into the price action. Measuring the acceleration or deceleration of price as well as the relative trajectory becomes intuitive and simplified with just a few adjustments to the properties.



Future Script

FS ROC Wave/Velocity

The second stage of the analysis can be modified with a window lookback of bars and an exponential smoothing function to tune out unwanted static. The internal calculator tracks the average power and makes it easy to see strength or weakness in the current move. This detection device is ideal for identifying the speed and force changing in the market.

It is now possible to ride the waves with more stability and confidence no matter what the trading conditions are. Please see the manual for a more detailed description of this product’s features and capabilities.

Download Manuals:

FS Roc Wave Indicator Manual (.pdf)
FS Velocity Indicator Manual (.pdf)

(YouTube) FutureScript: FS ROC Wave/Velocity – Tutorial and Overview


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