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The Price Hacker is a bundle of three trading ideas based solely on price action. The relationship of the price bars to one another is used in context with the previous group of bars to identify good trading opportunities and effective exits. The different moves that are possible can be utilized at the trader’s discretion to create entries and exits by studying the dynamic signals as the market creates the unique scenario.



The concepts and applications of the Price Hacker can be used for a variety of purposes. The techniques presented in the manualare introduced in such a way as to promote the creativity of the user. The hacker section is for identifying sudden shifts in supply and demand, the staircase is used to pinpoint a break in a trend, and the sequence section evaluates the changing of the trends. These ideas can be combined into a powerful standalone trading approach or as a unique enhancement to any existing strategy.

Download Manual:

FS Price Hacker Indicator Manual (.pdf)

(YouTube) FutureScript: FS Price Hacker – Tutorial and Overview


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