FS Pivot


Thorough investigation has yielded value in a variety of applications to date with this indicator. The pivots are evaluated and recalculated each day the same as before however with the subtle difference of using the dynamic price action in play for the current week. It can be used as a powerful trend filter incorporating the expansion or contraction of volatility in a wider timeframe while simultaneously identifying accurate entries and exits. Option traders can also use this indicator to pinpoint relevant strikes to engage thereby increasing their accuracy and improving their edges in the derivatives market.



The FS Pivot is based on the classic pivot point indicator with a few twists and innovations. These levels present a very straightforward approach to buying and selling critical points as the session plays out using good risk reward disciplines. It is possible that these levels are somewhat of a self-fulfilling  prophecy because many old school trading veterans have been using this indicator for a very long time. The formula has been modified to evolve throughout the week. This idea was conjured up as a means to participate with the larger overall trend as opposed to the classic formula which would follow the pivots for each new day based solely on the previous session.

Download Manual:

FS Pivot Indicator Manual (.pdf)

(YouTube) FS Pivot– Tutorial and Overview


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