FS Gap


Gaps usually do not regularly occur but it is important nonetheless to be aware and knowledgeable of the trading tactics and techniques the professionals use to handle the scenario. A price gap automatically changes the game up and produces unexpected reactions. The veteran trader has studied these gaps for a very long time and has developed a plan of action for trading a gap setup. The plan will never be  executed exactly the same way but knowing what moves are possible will allow the veteran to connect the critical points.



The Gap indicator was designed to illustrate the idea that when price disconnects dramatically from one period to the next that the market establishes critical levels about this area. Gaps are created when big news affects the market. This indicator has been carefully constructed to allow the user to explore different perspectives and trading approaches related to the gap in intuitive ways. Techniques for evaluating and trading the gap scenario have been provided within the documentation manual.

Download Manual:

FS Gap Indicator Manual (.pdf)

(YouTube) FS Gap– Tutorial and Overview


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