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The Cycle Trend was developed as a way to evaluate trends with as little lag as possible compared to more conventional indicators such as the ADX or MACD. The idea behind this is that the price action and the shapes of the bars relative to each other is more accurate at defining the mood.

The Cycle Trend sequence logic will dynamically create a buying phase or a selling phase depending on the current price action. The task of identifying the trend of the market becomes simple and more clearly defined with the repeated study of these patterns.

The trader can now engage the market with more confidence and statistical support regardless of the situation. There are 6 known bar types, two possible pivots and dynamically changing support and resistance lines. More definitions may be added as the indicator evolves with time.

This indicator is a powerful item to be added to any trader’s toolkit.



The Cycle Trend is a sophisticated and powerful device for evaluating the dynamic phases of the market. The definitions of the market cycles in this indicator are unique in nature and specifically detailed in their construction. The cycles are accurate at displaying through price action the many variations of buying and selling phases that occur in the market.

These phases continue to repeat, never exactly the same way as before, as the market trades in each new session. The techniques for evaluating the cycles were developed by studying Japanese candlesticks for many years observing many different markets.

Download Manual:

FS Cycle Trend Indicator Manual (.pdf)

(YouTube) FutureScript: FS Cycle Trend – Tutorial and Overview


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