Energy Futures Hit Historically Low Prices

Crude Oil Futures Drop to Historic Lows This Week

Crude Oil futures contracts for May Delivery fell to historic lows this week with the price touching 17.31 on Friday’s session and putting in a weekly close at 18.12 which is well under the psychological round figure of 20.00. This is due to an unprecedented decline in demand no doubt related to the extreme geopolitical crisis. 

The mass shutdown in the greater parts of the global economy has dealt a tremendous blow to commerce and industry which is now changing virtually everything about life as we know it. The import/export market is in a massive contraction and that puts tremendous pressure on Heating Oil and RBOB Gasoline. 

Trucking and freight activity is in a severe decline and unless the lockdown is lifted immediately the devastating effects to this energy market will not be contained. The average consumer is out of work or working from home and not getting in their cars for much of anything except to make necessary survival runs. 

This dramatic reduction in activity further impacts the gasoline market with the consumer making far fewer trips to the pump. The powers that be at OPEC have made decisions to cut production at facilities around the world in an effort to stabilize the price with the drop off in demand. One interesting argument is that production could be to zero and it still would not stop the fall of prices right now. 

Oil producing companies are in danger of the price continuing to fall becuase they have counted on higher prices in the future. They have borrowed large sums of money to purchase equipment, labor, and storage space for their product that is now worth in some cases less than 50% of the projected sale price.  These companies are greatly exposed to the risk in this market.

The amount of supply is probably the greatest in history because the production levels were maintained up until very recently.  It was impossible for the market to accurately react and determine what was happening. Hindsight is always 20/20 and what was done cannot be undone. 

The exchange is rewriting their software to allow for the unthinkable and very strange concept of negative oil prices trading in the open market.  The fact of the matter is that there is nowhere to store all of the oil that is being produced.  When a system breaks down it does not return to normal right away.  It is very unclear what is going to happen with the energy industry going forward.

It is very unwise to speculate on the price of oil for the long term here as world leaders will be constantly engaging in market activities in response to this situation. Expect wild swings in this market as it attempts to find equilibrium.  The Oil market has broken support around $20 and is expected to trade much lower into the $10-$15 range in the near term future.  

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For Immediate Release:

Oakbrook Terrace, IL – FutureScript, a pioneer in modern algorithmic trading analytics launches their website to deliver top quality products and services to today’s traders. This elite software outfit brings decades of trading and software development experience into the game. The markets have never been more competitive or more challenging and this is why intuitively designed tools are absolutely necessary when building a solid trading strategy.

The FutureScript initial suite of technical indicators is complete with the old school and new school knowledge of trading disciplines. The market usually behaves as it always does, but never plays out exactly the same way twice. The trader must instantly recognize price patterns while employing flexible devices to manage risk designed to bend but not break in formulating sound trading decisions.

The FutureScript product line has been specifically designed for traders, by traders. There is a definitive purpose for each feature of these tools, and the user experience can be described not only as rewarding but liberating as well.

The software provides the trader with functional edges and confidence to approach the market. The simplicity and minimalistic design of the programs ensure the focus of the trader remains clear from one scenario to the next. We are proud to work with Ninjatrader to bring our first line of proprietary momentum trading indicator products to the public. FutureScript is a collaboration of professional traders and software engineers with decades of combined experience delivering quality products, innovative consulting services, and automated tools for today’s financial industry.

Joseph Lackland, the man behind the software, brings a tactical mindset to the development of trading algorithms. Throughout his 20-year career in the financial industry he has acquired a truly unique set of skills and wisdom working alongside the best of the best. As a chess player since the age of 4 years old, the game’s twists and turns are second nature to him and he applies this sequential logic and wisdom to the construction of automated trading strategies. Mr. Lackland’s specialties include Trading, Trading Software Design, Futures, Forex, Equities, Energies, Indexes, Strategy Development, Optimization, Back testing, C# Programming, Online Futures Trading and Trading Education.

“I am truly grateful to have this opportunity to share with the world my vision of successful disciplined trading software. I have chosen SEOLEVELUP, LLC to handle all operations, media and marketing for FutureScript to the public. Robert Mattson and Tommy Seilheimer along with their nationwide team are true experts in their field, and it will now allow me to continue to completely focus on studying the market and making quality software my clients need.”     

– Joseph Lackland – FutureScript

Robert Mattson of SEOLEVELUP, LLC stated:

“We were extremely happy Mr. Lackland chose SEOLEVELUP, LLC to represent his trading indicators and online business visibility along with full operations of the business. Joe is well known in the trading sector and we believe in his products, so it really was a win-win for both. We look forward to giving end-users the best experience in the market.’  

– Robert Mattson (Managing Partner) of SEOLEVELUP, LLC

About FutureScript:

The FutureScript products are designed for traders, by traders. The day’s market action will never play out exactly the same way as it has before, so it is essential to bring a dynamic approach to the game. The best traders in the world use a combination of discipline and sharp technical skills to evaluate each scenario with a unique perspective.

Careful observation of consistently employed indicators that measure price action produce recognizable signals that the market data scientist can use to identify and formulate the day’s trading plan. A good indicator needs to be simple enough to filter out unnecessary noise without creating distortions of its own yet sophisticated enough in its design to be flexible and adjust to the market’s ever-changing behavior. The versatility and robustness of these indicators will add significant value to any trader’s game.


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The Man Behind The Software


My name is Joseph Lackland…

I was fresh out of high school when I started my first job as a runner at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange in the S&P 500 futures pit. 1999 was quite a year to be introduced to the markets. I remember my first day vividly as my training began on the job. 

A fellow runner had me tag along with him as we made our rounds to the different traders of our company collecting cards and handing out envelopes full of request money for the day. The Eurodollars pit was a sight to see with paper flying everywhere, phones ringing relentlessly, and masses of people shouting anything and everything you can imagine at each other from bell to bell, and then some! 

Into the Pit.

I started answering phones at the option desk where I learned about derivatives and then I jumped into the pit as a clerk for independent brokers. This was how I learned both sides of the business. Five years passed and I found myself trading in an office for a friend that worked with me at the trading desk. I was leasing an IOM seat on the exchange and trading Emini S&P 500 futures. 

I saw open-outcry slowly but surely become a thing of the past as the new evolutionary phase of trading took center stage. I went to the bookstore almost every day to read books on trading and the psychology of trading. I studied price action while drawing notebooks full of patterns and scenarios. I did pretty well during this time. Everything was great until 2008… then the meltdown took its toll on the industry. 

Everything Changed

The game was forever changed and the electronically traded futures contracts became dominated by PhD level developers and veteran elite traders armed with the best hardware a lot of money can buy, which is pretty good! My trading took a nosedive. I was one of the fastest clickers but I was still way behind the capabilities of the scripts the competition was using.  My friends lost their jobs, my account was bled dry, my life had become consumed by the modern financial machine, and it seemed I would join the ranks of so may others that had been pushed out of the business for good.

That was when I decided it was time to learn how to write what the big boys were using to trade the market. I opened up my first indicator and studied it using the skills I had been taught in physics class. I learned how to write one line, then another line and then another.  Friends and family paid for me to go to private C# classes to further my development. I learned how to write my own customized indicators and fully automated strategies for myself. 

Developing Products for Private Clients

I then began to work part-time as a contractor designing products for private clients. The knowledge and the wisdom I obtained working with so many talented and experienced clients is priceless. Some of those clients I still have to this day, and we are in a good place. The products available here are my own personal trading tools I use every day, and I am delivering them to you to help guide you on your trading journey. 

Life is a journey we should all make together, and we should help each other as much as we can to get to our goals.

Joseph Lackland

Future Script… for your future…

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Future Script products are designed for traders, by traders. 

This means that every ingredient has been carefully selected and the proper process has been followed in their creation. The business of trading has never truly been about being right or wrong, it is successful by adhering to the sole principle of making more money than one loses. A good signal is the foundation of a good indicator. A good indicator is the foundation for a good strategy. A good strategy is the foundation of a good trading approach.  It all starts with the analysis of behavior and the dedication of the market scientist to be a devoted student of the market.  This is the core of the development discipline at Future Script .

The products are detection devices. 

The market can be a confusing misleading mystery. Anyone that can listen well to others will develop good relationships in life. Part of successful trading is being able to listen to the market and respond in harmony to its behavior. These indicators help traders tune into the market’s activity and tap into the fundamental underlying themes of the day. The market has an uncanny ability to describe accurately what it will do next and at times will make perfectly clear its intentions.

The challenge of understanding the market trend is simplified. 

The goal of any technician is to correctly gauge the market trend and identify the important characteristics, critical levels, and conditions of that trend. The price action series of trend indicators have been developed over many years of relentlessly studying the market activity. The definitions are written to evaluate accurately and flexibly as possible the trading flow of each market phase. The goal is simply to let the wisdom and knowledge be the guide as each new scenario unfolds. The consistency of the possible variables is maintained so that repeatable trading outcomes can be achieved.

This software is lean and mean. 

Minimalism is key in successful trading as less is more in this business. The beautiful chart with millions of pretty colors and lines everywhere is exciting to look at but will absolutely not generate consistent positive results. The more variables that are introduced into the situation the more possibilities arise and the amount of iterations that can be fallen into can become staggering. The world of trading has only two directions. This extremely simple concept can become quite distorted with the addition of time as a variable and the psychology of the market participants. Everything on a chart that is relevant needs to be there, and everything that doesn’t absolutely have to be there does not. The Future Script software is carefully engineered to reflect these principles and provide the cleanest possible perspective.

Future Script products are versatile. 

The intended uses of these products by the authors are by no means the limit of their capabilities. Each trader has a unique style and approach that they carry with them to the market. One trader’s entry could be another trader’s exit.  One trader’s profit level could be another trader’s engagement of reduction in risk. The concepts presented in the documentation and the suggestions for the employment of these tools are merely just that, suggestions. There is a whole realm outside the intended use that only each new user can begin to illuminate. These devices have the power to change shape, form, and function in different hands.

These scripts don’t do it all. 

It is a common mistake for inexperienced traders to try and trade every style, trade every scenario, and be responsive to all market situations. The software seeks to perform specific duties and recognize unique signals. The consistency of performance is only achievable by applying focus and energy to the same areas of study. The two main factors of the market that the Future Script logic is built around are momentum and trend. There is much less emphasis on other things not because the developers believe they aren’t relevant but rather that the momentum and trend can be measured consistently with greater accuracy. Trading can be and often is a game.  It is essential to play a known game with the experience behind it to come out ahead.

This is dynamic software. 

The input of any indicator is the undetermined next price traded in the market. The software molds around the price action and gives off signals specific to that unique setup. Unlike other indicators that attempt to place limits and molds for the market to fit into, this software allows the market to create the space and the form. The market is determining the size of the fields and the intensity of the game. The software is responding to this and creating the points of interest and areas of focus for the trader to engage in.

Some of our most popular software titles:

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