The Price Hacker is a more simplified version of the Cycle Trend with two additional techniques for dissecting price action. The sequence in the Price Hacker has been purposely streamlined for the ease of understanding and implementation.The trading techniques are up for  interpretation by the user and are intended to be applied in many different ways since all three ideas can be used in a variety of combinations for entries and exits. The Cycle Trend is intended for use by more experienced traders while the Price Hacker is designed for traders of all skill levels. 

The Roc Wave is momentum package #1 and the Transient / Magic Cloud is package #2. The reason they are offered separately is that there is much to understand about using the Roc Wave and one must understand the fundamentals of the indicator well to properly use package #2. The more experienced trader will have a better understanding of both packages and will find immediate use in all the tools that are there. The beginning trader should start with the Roc Wave and progress at their own pace into the more advanced concepts.

It is up to the user to find what style best works for them and their trading. The authors of this software have tested the products thoroughly on many different types of charts and have found many useful applications for a variety of bar types. The Cycle Trend and Price Hacker have so far been found to be more useful on time and constant volume charts. The momentum tools have been found to give off different types of signals depending on the chart used. The Roc Wave measures the force of the market bar by bar when used on a constant volume chart whereas if used on a time chart it measures speed.  The momentum tools on a price action chart such as a Renko or LineBreak are very useful for identifying pivots. Traders are encouraged to experiment with whatever types of charts they can creatively observe to unlock the full potential of these tools.

This indicator projects the Roc Wave outputs as prices to be used on the chart. This allows for the more accurate implementation of trading moves. The “0” line pivot and the average power’s specific location are known and correctly represented. This feature allows the trader to pre-emptively judge and place moves at these critical areas.  The Magic Cloud’s levels can be displayed with other relevant levels on the chart to further define the momentum about that price area whereas if not this would be very difficult to view the Roc Wave and combine these concepts together.

Through many years of using different software platforms we discovered that the Ninjatrader platform was easily customized and more user-friendly than all the others. The efficiency of the C# coding language is superior to almost all other languages when designing complex algorithms to trade the market. The charting is versatile, smooth, and easy to read. The dynamic risk options make it possible to effectively trade the market with precision and speed.

Futures offer instant leveraged access to almost anything in the world. It is possible to take advantage of price fluctuations in various commodities and stocks with less margin than would normally be required for traditional investment products. The futures markets are usually liquid which provide a good way to get in and out of trades without tying up too much attention or capital. Most modern trading platforms these days have automated capabilities and tools that make the process of trading these instruments quite sophisticated from anywhere in the world.

Things can happen very fast in today’s markets. An opportunity that presents itself can be gone just as quickly as it has appeared. The benefit of a script that is armed and scanning for trading setups can be a huge asset as life will often show up in the forms of a phone call or babies screaming for food. A properly designed script will enter the market effectively and employ disciplined risk control while seeking advantageous targets. The market exposure is dramatically contained with automation and the hands-free experience is actually quite enjoyable. Usually once a trader is able to effectively translate their ideas into a program that trades for them very rarely do they ever go back to the old ways. The current model script then trades the market and the trader is free to explore and generate new trading ideas. 

The Future Script team has spent thousands of hours developing and testing its products. There are invariably some overlooked bugs and issues with software. If an error is found please send a message to our support team and they will solve your problem as quickly as possible. This helps the users help the community.