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7 Unique Things About FutureScript Products


Future Script products are designed for traders, by traders. 

This means that every ingredient has been carefully selected and the proper process has been followed in their creation. The business of trading has never truly been about being right or wrong, it is successful by adhering to the sole principle of making more money than one loses. A good signal is the foundation of a good indicator. A good indicator is the foundation for a good strategy. A good strategy is the foundation of a good trading approach.  It all starts with the analysis of behavior and the dedication of the market scientist to be a devoted student of the market.  This is the core of the development discipline at Future Script .

The products are detection devices. 

The market can be a confusing misleading mystery. Anyone that can listen well to others will develop good relationships in life. Part of successful trading is being able to listen to the market and respond in harmony to its behavior. These indicators help traders tune into the market’s activity and tap into the fundamental underlying themes of the day. The market has an uncanny ability to describe accurately what it will do next and at times will make perfectly clear its intentions.

The challenge of understanding the market trend is simplified. 

The goal of any technician is to correctly gauge the market trend and identify the important characteristics, critical levels, and conditions of that trend. The price action series of trend indicators have been developed over many years of relentlessly studying the market activity. The definitions are written to evaluate accurately and flexibly as possible the trading flow of each market phase. The goal is simply to let the wisdom and knowledge be the guide as each new scenario unfolds. The consistency of the possible variables is maintained so that repeatable trading outcomes can be achieved.

This software is lean and mean. 

Minimalism is key in successful trading as less is more in this business. The beautiful chart with millions of pretty colors and lines everywhere is exciting to look at but will absolutely not generate consistent positive results. The more variables that are introduced into the situation the more possibilities arise and the amount of iterations that can be fallen into can become staggering. The world of trading has only two directions. This extremely simple concept can become quite distorted with the addition of time as a variable and the psychology of the market participants. Everything on a chart that is relevant needs to be there, and everything that doesn’t absolutely have to be there does not. The Future Script software is carefully engineered to reflect these principles and provide the cleanest possible perspective.

Future Script products are versatile. 

The intended uses of these products by the authors are by no means the limit of their capabilities. Each trader has a unique style and approach that they carry with them to the market. One trader’s entry could be another trader’s exit.  One trader’s profit level could be another trader’s engagement of reduction in risk. The concepts presented in the documentation and the suggestions for the employment of these tools are merely just that, suggestions. There is a whole realm outside the intended use that only each new user can begin to illuminate. These devices have the power to change shape, form, and function in different hands.

These scripts don’t do it all. 

It is a common mistake for inexperienced traders to try and trade every style, trade every scenario, and be responsive to all market situations. The software seeks to perform specific duties and recognize unique signals. The consistency of performance is only achievable by applying focus and energy to the same areas of study. The two main factors of the market that the Future Script logic is built around are momentum and trend. There is much less emphasis on other things not because the developers believe they aren’t relevant but rather that the momentum and trend can be measured consistently with greater accuracy. Trading can be and often is a game.  It is essential to play a known game with the experience behind it to come out ahead.

This is dynamic software. 

The input of any indicator is the undetermined next price traded in the market. The software molds around the price action and gives off signals specific to that unique setup. Unlike other indicators that attempt to place limits and molds for the market to fit into, this software allows the market to create the space and the form. The market is determining the size of the fields and the intensity of the game. The software is responding to this and creating the points of interest and areas of focus for the trader to engage in.

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