The FutureScript products are designed for traders, by traders. The day's market action will never play out exactly the same way as it has before, so it is essential to bring a dynamic approach to the game. The best traders in the world use a combination of discipline and sharp technical skills to evaluate each scenario with a unique perspective. Careful observation of consistently employed indicators that measure price action produce recognizable signals that the market data scientist can use to identify and formulate the day's trading plan. A good indicator needs to be simple enough to filter out unnecessary noise without creating distortions of its own yet sophisticated enough in its design to be flexible and adjust to the market's ever changing behavior. The versatility and robustness of these indicators will add significant value to any trader's game.
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Meet Joe

Professional algorithmic trader with 20+ years of experience in the industry utilizing the gained wisdom of many journeys through the market's twists and turns with advanced C# coding skills to find the right trades.

Specialties include Trading, Trading Software Design, Futures, Forex, Equities, Energies, Indexes, Strategy Development, Optimization, Backtesting, C# Programming, Online Futures Trading, Trading Education

Software Built for the Ninjatrader Platform

We are proud to work with Ninjatrader to bring our first line of proprietary momentum trading indicator products to the public. FutureScript is a collaboration of professional traders and software engineers with decades of combined experience delivering quality products, innovative consulting services, and automated tools for today's financial industry.

Future Script Products